Covid 19 Policy Update

SWOOP FIRST AID is making the following changes for the Safety of Staff and Customers:

  1. Work from Home. All Courses include an Online Review that must be completed before the Training Date (without exception). 
  2. Efficient. Classroom Time is reduced with more Personal Space. We are using Blended Courses (Online/In-Class) exclusively to minimize Classroom time.
  3. More Flexibility. This Registration expires on the Training Date. This Registration is Non-refundable.
  4. Personal Safety. Course participants are REQUIRED to bring Hand Sanitizer and wear a PPE Mask or Face Shield at all times during the Course. This will be the Participants Personal Responsibility. Participants arriving WITHOUT a MASK will be RESCHEDULED/RESET. Participants arriving with COLD OR FLU symptoms will be RESCHEDULED/RESET. Frequent Handwashing will also be encouraged.
  5. Social Distancing. We have removed Common Areas such as the Microwave Oven, the Fridge, Water Cooler and Coffee Station. Each Participant will receive they're own “Personal Space" Workstation for the duration of the course to maintain Social Distancing requirements. Please plan to bring food and beverages accordingly. 
  6. Punctuality Policy.  Courses begin at 9AM SHARP.  Late Attendees will NOT be admitted.

Our Classroom is opened at 8:45AM on Training Days.  
Covid 19 Assessments are 8:45AM to 9AM.  
Course Starts / Door Closes at 9AM.  

If you are late, Do Not Interupt the Course in Progress.  Email us to reschedule instead.